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London Corporal Punishment School

All(?) About the L.C.P.S.

 Night of the Cane 2020 is complete.

The London Corporal Punishment School is a draconian establishment, quietly ignored by the education authorities and staffed by those whose callous outlook prohibits employment elsewhere.

The pupils (read 'inmates'), generally abandonned there, cluster in gangs of like-minded fellows for a soupçon of protection. As much from the other gangs as the teachers.

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In Practice

That's the fantasy background. In a sense it's window-dressing for an excuse to punish pupils, but with a different flavour from other rationales, such as a caning competition.

The LCPS was conceived as a pupil-led (cf  teacher-led) extension to the BDSM school scene, in order to encourage rôle-play.

The gangs are a grass-roots movement, similar to houses, but instigated by the pupils instead of the teachers, and serve the function of providing a pupils social peer-group. (Not that the teachers are a cohesive, close-knit group!)

Whilst academic achievement is left somewhat behind (and sporting activity largely confined to the Heavy gang), the gangs provide an outlet - a prop, to occupy their time.

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