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LCPS - a darker view of the School Scene: 2

Why mess with the formula?

Since the regular schools, and the Firm's Detention, Six of the Best, et al, are already well supported, why change the format?


Variety is the spice of life. Each school has it's own style which suits some people more than others, but there is a crossover of pupils who like to attend different schools. Either they enjoy the different feel of alternative establishments, or maybe they just can't get enough! The LCPS is attempting to put a new slant on the scene; doubtless it will attract some and leave others cold, but I think many will enjoy the difference and continue with both this and their regular schools. After all, it's not like this will take over the school scene (nor does it want to; that rather defeats the purpose of having a different aspect); although it may spawn imitators, it exists to provide an alternative experience.


School life is not confined to the classroom, there is time outside lessons to explore relationships, conspiracies and extra-curricular activities. The LCPS wants to reflect that. I wonder how many of the attendees who yearn for their next school day now used to wish they could escape from their real school?

As Madness said in the song Baggy Trousers:

Trying different ways
To make a difference to the days!


The (narrative) purpose of the gangs is to encourage rôle-play. I'm not sure how much this is needed as I've seen a lot of very good roleplay at other events, but there are some who need encouragement to find expression beyond sitting in lessons and trying to misbehave for the sake of it. After a recent event a friend commented that he didn't feel comfortable contriving bad behaviour just to provoke the teacher into dealing with him. (Not that there weren't plenty of spontaneous reasons to be dealt with!) Since that school was well attended he preferred to coast along rather than over-work the staff, but that was a concious - and considerate - decision: at least he was thinking about it.