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LCPS - a darker view of the School Scene: 3

Decisions, Decisions . . .

Why I'm going to suck it and see. (Because you don't know unless you try!)

Although I'm often seen lurking at school events I'm not really into the school scene - I go as much to see friends as to participate. I've been absent from the broader S&M scene for the last year for personal reasons: high time I got back into it!

I'm going to try the LCPS because it will be different from both other schools and other clubs that I've been to. I do have reservations (I only decided to go a few days ago), mostly because it's not what I'm used to, and I'm really not sure I'm up to doing it well, but I'll give it a go. I have faith that my friends will respect my efforts, even if they don't come off to my satisfation. And if I don't enjoy it there's no minimum contract to keep me going back.

I know that I lack the theatrical backround to create a full back story but I think that it will still be worth going. Even if the gangs seem like an imposition, they will create an atmosphere that will give more feeling than hanging around a straight S&M club wearing school uniform.

I hope it does succeed, if only because Ishmael is sticking his neck out by going against the traditional grain. And if it doesn't he'll only come back with a madder idea . . .

(In the past he's cast me as a court jester and an itinerant peddlar. I was damn nearly Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island: a tough rôle for a 42 year old!)