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Burns Night 2001

The Firm's Burns Night 2020: 25th January

The Downside

There really wasn't anything to fault this one for in itself. A lady acquired a nasty cut on her finger. Oh - and I lost a scarf. (Albeit an old one.)

I misunderstood the rules of the forfeits game and made an unworkable proposal, but there were plenty of competently composed suggestions to compensate.

The Upside

The skirl o' the pipes, readings of the works of the poet, highland cuisine - what have all these got to do with S&M? Nothing in particular; which, I suppose, is entirely the point - the combination put a fresh slant on both.

The food was brilliant; the oatcakes and smoked salmon starter eluded me, but then they weren't "proper" Staffordshire oatcakes and I prefer raw salmon anyway, being a sashimi fan. ('Nihon no ryori ga totemo oishii desu', as they say.) As a committed carnivore I even enjoyed a sample of vegetarian haggis, along with the real thing. Athol broses, a sort of mousse with a delicious tang followed, finished off with a wee dram.

The excellent food ensured a Scottish flavour to the proceedings.

After the tables were cleared the forfeits game began, an opportunity to 'earn' a prize by performing a randomly chosen forfeit. Of course, the prize sometimes proved more exacting than the forfeit, but you got to choose which prize to apply for. Several went unclaimed; a virgin pair of boots went unlicked - I feel so ungallant holding out on that one, cad that I am.

The Verdict

Excellent: good food, good atmosphere, good fun.

The Future

I don't want to wait a year for another bash like this, I'm keeping a weather eye out for more Neverwhere/Firm events.