- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Turning Japanese

The Downside

This event was an unsubstantiated rumour for months before confirmation - which was irksome to a Japanophile like myself.

The Upside

My oufit had a decent dose of authenticity for a change. (Only the sandals were wrong - not waruji.)

The outfit consisted of kabuki actors make-up, kimono and a shinai, which hid my usually obvious submissive tendencies!

I'm of the impression the that the venue (Mass, in Brixton) had improved a lot since I was last there. I've heard that it had changed management and the general decor seemed . . . complete.

The dungeon level was very nicely done out with a corner devoted to John Blake's Japanese bondage area in addition to the usual furnishings. The guest mistresses, the Tachibana family, had an oddly cramped station in the middle of a long wall; somewhere with behind-the-scenes access might have been better.

Tachibana means flowering tree.

I caught a performance by Ai Ōmori which demonstated my poor grasp of the language. Luckily it was a slow, stately affair which gave me time to read the projected subtitles as well as listen to the vocals.

The Verdict

An excellent display by both TG and the punters. There were fewer real Japanese than at previous events (such as TG at the Complex a couple of years ago) but I suppose few Japanese come all the way to London to see Japanese costumes.

The Future

Despite it being light on S&M for myself I enjoyed a serene night with a Japanese flavour. I look forward to their next. Or perhaps I'll save up and go to Tokyo. . .