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Submission: New Years Eve 2000

The Downside

The advance notice I had of this one was the date (duh!), venue and price - a whopping £45, albeit with a 'free' glass of champagne. I didn't see the posters until I actually got there, which was a little late to be useful for me. As a result I was unaware of the space/futuristic theme.

I think there were three pieces of dungeon furniture, two in the main section and one in the quieter bar, with no S&M occurring on or around any of them. There was one stunning looking lady in a PVC bikini dominating her partner, very nicely, which was the sole s&m activity for the night.

Midnight arrived mid-song, which was was more than happened to the champagne. The song played on and the New Year came in unheralded, surely missing the point of a New Years Eve party?

The Upside

The venue is excellent, both in terms of its Victorian architecture and the sound and video setup. Snacks were circulated early on - the chicken with sweet chilli sauce was a personal favourite.

The atmosphere was good and I met two lovely Australians, Dave & Mario; plus Rubber Ronski did the dancefloor proud.

Lots of participation in the theme - apart from me! Respect especially to the man who came as Pygar (an Angel from the film Barbarella) - beautiful!

The Verdict

All in all I felt the night a bit unsatisfactory both as an S&M event and as a New Years Eve party. A pleasant enough time, but a smidgin disappointing for the price.

I got the impression that the event was put on at short notice. Perhaps the venue became available at the last moment and was snapped up with little chance of getting publicity out?

The Future

I had thought to stick to Submission events at Bagueleys - the dungeon level is bigger and the prices smaller, plus there's parking. Then I heard that the dungeon level is available to members only, so far an unconfirmed rumour.


Due to many roads in central London being closed that night I ended up parked outside the British Museum. I walked through Trafalgar Square which was festooned with police enforcing the alcohol ban. Inevitably I was asked "What's in the bag, sir?". Well, why shouldn't I carry handcuffs on a night out? They do!