- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Neverwhere Monthly

The Downside

The broken down bus under the railway bridge was the chief cause of consternation. The oncoming traffic on the wrong side of the road did give a dash of excitement, mind.

The Upside

An idea of gleaming simplicity - a back-to-basics s&m event. No theme, just a playspace with a dash of furniture and conducive company, dressed in whatever they felt (un?)comfortable in.

Simplicicty is the chief virtue of all the best plans. (And brevity the chief virtue of this review?) I turned up, chatted to friends old and new, got beaten goggle-eyed and went home beaming.

I was a good time, had by all . . .

The night brought a pair of first-timers; hopefully they felt welcomed by the friendly, relaxed gaggle of older hands. I can't imagine as warm and personal introduction at a club with throbbing dance rhythms blaring out. One received his first beating at a very experienced pair of hands, and was literally dancing with joy afterwards.

The Verdict

Much as I applaud a well turned out theme night this made a very pleasant change; no elaborate preparation (for us dowdy males, at least), just a relaxed evening of casual abuse.

The Future

I look forward to more of these straight S&M nights. (Surely an oxymoron?) I'll also still go to themed events, and enjoy them even more for the contrast.