- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

The Medæval Fayre

The Downside

Unless you count the lengthy preparation, there wasn't one!

Well, to be fair whatever you were doing meant missing something else, but at least you could choose what to miss.

A day-long event like this is no more tiring than a shorter, more intense event but allows more variety - and the opportunity to pace yourself.

The Upside

What a day! Starting in the afternoon we were treated to a long spell of daylight, which made a nice change. Those who were not too cool to arrive reasonably early witnessed the machinations of a pair of priests, undermining the authority of good King Osric. A rashly honest Robin Hood attempted to intervene but was exiled for his trouble.

A little later in the courtyard, amid the lounging tent and Royal kitchen, sinister Spaniard Don Alonso and his iniquitous inquisition plotted their treacherous overthrow of the realm. In the throne room, oblivious to the threat, Osric and his queen the fair Aelfwine received visitors from around and beyond the capital.

In the meantime Robin Hood and an adopted Village Idiot had journeyed all the way to Nottingham to fall in with Maid Marion and some Merry Men. The dramatis personae complete, our heroes bided their time, awaiting some derring to do.

By this time the crowd had swelled, the barbeque was turning out a steady stream of food and outbreaks of pervery were happening all around the venue. Time for villainy! After Osrics daughter had watched some pony play she was cruelly abducted, enabling the scheming Don to send his demands to the court.

Interval enough for a slave auction. The Chancellor managed to shift the entire cargo, despite the conspiring of price-fixing rings and rampant currency counterfeiting, and maybe even an honest bidder got a bargain.

Darkness had fallen, figuratively speaking; with his army abroad and his daughter kidnapped the King was helpless before the Inquisitions onslaught! But no, a timely reappearance of Robin Hood and his new found army gave a new hope - so long a the Princess could be rescued from the clutches of the Inquisition before they did her a permanent mischief.

Luckily for our heroes the Inquisition had taken the torturing of the innocent slowly, to the onlookers delight, and they arrived in the nick of time to rescue her from being burnt at the stake. The fight was swift and brutal; with victory assured the rightful King found a sliver of mercy for the vanquished Spaniards. The Inquisiton agreed to persue their interests, provided that it was only on a consensual basis.

The days drama concluded, the evening wound down with more voluntary s&m acts - even the commoners were allowed to partake! God bless King Osric, his lovely Queen and virginal daughter - well, credibility was perhaps a little stretched by then.

The Verdict

What a fabulous day! Despite the length of the event the Firms tradition of supplying food kept everyone with enough energy to last out the proceedings. The idea of weaving a play into the whole day was genius. Instead of a simple theme the ongoing plot gave a momentum that kept people wondering what next to look out for, without them having to sit through an entire performance in one piece.

This event was the most focussed, and at the same time enduring, day of s&m activites I've yet seen.

The Future

I can't imagine this one being out-done so the best one can hope for is a near-repeat.