A-Z of life: F is for Fetish

The Downside

Occurring mid-week in an unfamiliar part of London (Tulse Hill), at fairly short notice I was mildly deterred from going, but luckily overcame my reluctance. (And the traffic was pretty good.)

The event was staged for a television series called "A-Z of Life" (the 'F is for Fetish' episode), produced by Tiger Aspect Television, so there was a likelihood of getting caught on camera which does not suit everyone. Activities were scheduled for the benfit of the cameras so things tended to happen in brief flurries between long hiatuses, which paced things out a bit slowly.

The Upside

The premises aren't licenced, so drinks were supplied gratis, possibly also as an incentive to the attendees. (But I think that most of the crowd would have cheerfully lent their support anyway.)

Free entry and free booze - a winning combination!
If I wasn't driving . . .

In addition to the pleasant soirée we got a bout of boxing which saw Madam Zak victorious in the second round, despite an alleged 'authentic boxing move' from her worthy opponent Keith. The ring was then dismantled, preventing me from showing off my pugilistic prowess.

Alex (the former eagle-eyed referee) gave a demonstration of whip technique, occasionally complaining that it was too dark to see where he was aiming and noting effective hits by the noise made on/by the recipient.

The Verdict

The call promised a convivial evening, which is what we got. (I looked it up.)

Apparently the program resulting from the nights footage was shown on Channel five in June. Due to vague, uninformative TV guides I never got to see it broadcast. It has been seen by some of the participants and I've heard no complaints, so I assume that at least they didn't do us an injustice.

The Future

I've yet to be convinced of the eroticism of pervy boxing but it is an enjoyable, very physical few minutes of exertion. It's probably less likely to leave bruises than other forms of S&M. (Well, the ones I like . . .)

Pictures from this event