Little Freddies Birthday Party

The Downside

Personally I'm not into the ageplay thing but what the hell, I'll run with a theme rather than be a complete misery.

The nearest thing to a school uniform I could rustle up was a white blouse, (old) school tie, smart blue pinafore dress and some knee-length suede boots. Admittedly the footwear was far from regulation, but I do have a soft spot for them.

The oufit was no problem - it's the first time I've been out in a frock for ages!

The Upside

In addition to the usual S&M malarkey there were games of twister and pass-the parcel, and Madam Zak read us a story (when we were quiet!). There was jelly and ice-cream and lots of party music - and Freddie sang a rude song during the story!

There was a clown - everybody loves clowns - called Uncle Bonko who did some magic. But sometimes it went wrong and he got upset and frightened people. And sometimes he laughed and frightened people even more . . .

The Verdict

An evening of fun, frolics and a man with a laugh that made even the grown-ups shudder - it worked for me.

The Future

Ageplay is still a mystery to me, but lots of fun was had by all, so why worry about the didacticism? I doubt I'll ever get into nappies in a big way, but I enjoyed sharing a playground with some who do.