- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

The Firms Xmas Party

The Downside

I gave up Christmas years ago. Bah! Humbug! And I think I lost my watch there - oh no, it was in my camera bag all the time!

The Upside

I may have given up Christmas but I'm just getting the hang of the S&M malarkey, so I went - and I'm jolly glad I did.

The venue (The Fringe) had metamorphosed into a twinkling grotto of loveliness - and that was just the gents toilets! In fact the downstairs was also subtly improved, even before the massed Elves of the Firm had worked their magic and installed the seasonal necessities like the grotto, the mince pie mountain and . . . the boxing ring?

Boxing before Christmas Day? Another innovation from The Firm!

The boxing ring was not greatly used - must be all the seasonal goodwill - but did the first dual match (dual duel?) of my career. I managed not to get paired with the more intense fighter (my luck must fall down here one day), but was pitched once more against Kitty, to whom I managed to lose gracefully.

Mistress Claws ran her snowboots off helping the grotto make sure that all the naughty children got what they deserved and running a tombola to raise money for a womens refuge. As a bonus it offered the chance to win the services of volunteers, although the chocolate was also popular.

Upstairs was less conspicuously dressed up for the occasion - it looked rather like an S&M dungeon. This was also good, it encouraged much use!

The Verdict

A vast improvement on last years TG bash - there was S&M in it! To be fair TG do lean more towards the dance and fashion aspect these days, which leads me to prefer the quieter S&M centred affairs like this one, with a chance to wear rubber and take some punishment.

The Future

I'm actually looking forward to next Christmas!

December will be magic again . . .