- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Dark Circus

The Downside

Nothing springs to mind at the event. The clutch cylinder on my car failed en route (good slaves are hard to find) but an AA man rescued me.

The Upside

Under the silk canopy of the big top came the parade of animals. Not perfectly trained, perhaps, but there was no shortage of instructresses (instructrices?) about. Despite a feisty bear Ringmistress Zak managed to keep control. But how come the boxing Kangaroo never performed in the ring?

Talking of which, as a break from the usual athletic display we were treated to the spectacle of a beautiful girl fighting the less lovely Elephant Man. After a spirited defense the poor fellow, his one good eye blacked, was downed and carted off to the Elephants graveyard, never to be seen again?

There were no obvious clowns (they were probably locked up after Freddies birthday party) but a good old-fashioned pie-fight stood in their stead.

An exotic dancer, with snake, performed an interesting historical dance. Ones mind was cast back to biblical times, with the feeling that there was more to the relationship between Eve and the serpent than your Sunday school teacher ever let on.

The Verdict

Despite a spell under the weather the crowd remained bright and enjoyed the divers diversions. The circus was never like this when I was young, but I think that the change was for the better.

The Future

Talk is in the air of skipping the circus next year in favour of another event. It seems that all the carneys are running away - to the Punishment Dome?