The Boat 2019 flyer here!

The Boat 8

The Downside

We were subjected to an enormous downpour mere minutes before embarking.

I was a little disappointed by the modern vessel - where were the oars to chain slaves to, and the brig to clap people in irons?

The Upside

Even the rain had a beneficial side effect - it broke the stifling heat of the day and made the evening breathable. I'm told that the cabin crew below decks were producing more steam than the engines!

After the rain and a smooth embarkation we set off to be treated to an evening of music, food and S&M - all in motion on the river.

Most S&M events occur in venues with the windows blacked out - but not tonight. Not only did we get a panoramic view through the ample windows but the view changed throughout, a double bonus. You could watch the activities on deck with a backdrop of the lights of the Thames shoreline. Inside or out, the view was a winner.

After a ducks-eye view of the Thames Barrier and my closest ever approach to the Millenium Dome we turned for the homeward leg of the voyage, although by that time many were too engrossed in their activities to notice the change of direction.

The Verdict

It always seems to rain when I go for a cruise. Last time was a sit-down meal along the River Wey, but this was a much more engaging affair with less emphasis on food and far more entertainment.

The Future

Next year I'm going to book early, pack my wetsuit and damn the weather!