- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Club R.U.B. Late 2015 Doings 

Mistress Workshop

Fetishism over Autumn

Saturday 29th August

(September) Medical Appointment

Fetishism over the 2015 autumn season

Saturday 12th September

Psycho Ward

Seems odd; two fetish clubs with the same theme on the same night. Especially when it's the same club!

The RUB Event Naming Committee are once again divided. This time they have not just two names for the event, but two pages on the website to match. The details are the same, but the graphics different.

And, obviously, they're not holding a Valentine's Ball, as the graphic above might suggest; that's Nurse Valentine from the Skullgirls game.

I'm including it because I'd troubled to 'find' it before RUB made their graphic (and it rather suits this months 'nurse-y' theme.)

Mistress Vanessa's Dungeon Party - visit to book.

Fetishism over the festive season

Tuesday 22nd September

(The picture was 'abstracted' from her Strict Nurse site.)

Rubber Cult

Fetishism over the festive season

Saturday 26th September

The September newsletter is available for full details.