- it's not really a company, it's just a name.

Coming Events 2021

Obviously there are few events planned, and it's more wise than ever to check the websites for last minute 'changes'. See also the home page.

Torture Garden

Rebel Run?

  • Saturday 27th. February: TG Berlin @ The Metropol. (Does not appear to be happening.)


  • Are continuing putting up events, now shifted until March/April:
      1. March
      2. Tuesday 30th: 80 Spirits Tasting Evening
      3. Wednesday 31st: Student Pint & Pizza Evening.
      1. April
      2. Thursday 1st: Rock Night. It's not red, and there's no rocks in it.
      3. Friday 2nd: Trans Angels Event
      4. Saturday 3rd: Burlesque Showtime

The German Fetish Ball XVII

The Firm: Night of the Cane 2020

Institute of SM Studies

  •  Sunday 19th. April

      2pm - 5pm; free admission at the Bishopsgate Institute.

     With Tim Woodward, founder of the Skin Two empire. 'Postponed'.