- it's not really a company, it's just a name.


Torture Garden . . .

  have already planned some events for this year, starting 27th February? Unconfirmed so expect it not to happen. Only Italy looks likely.

Zara du Rose

  has rescheduled Caberet of Excess into March.


  of Wolverhampton have folded the towel and put it into a drawer until March. Late March.

Miss Hastings

  of Carlton College & The Punishment Club, has gone the on-line/telephone route.

Boris Johnson

 . . . is rolling out the arse-crack Covid test.

Industrial Dance


Cirwana Black has released a video about making a movie a few days ago.

And Roh Maribel reminds us that Comic Relief is less than a month away.

The Xmas, the Old New Year's and the New New Year's dances are stowed back in the attic, under a dust-sheet.

Burn's Night must've gone by now? So far: only an ominous radio silence* from The Firm. So here's Maar Floops, with the last feebly-Burns-themed video (and a slightly rude song):

(*Radio silence omnibus available online soon?)

Burn's bonus: includes how to almost wear a kilt? (With tights? With nothing, surely!)

Moving on to Valentines Day, pausing only for a Cold Sequence with Roh Maribel:

Now the only(?) Valentines Day Industrial Dance - from Belize Cyber Queen:

N.B. May contain soppiness.

And you can see Wendy Ailan's 2020 compilation. (Non-Burns; it's not a year-long event.)

Tease & Denial

Mistress Aranea & Miss Flora, of No Way Out, have conspired to create another Special. A chance to be seduced and tormented by two Swiss Dommes.

Goings & Comings

Some musings on 2019 and 2020. That last one is on a bit of a short ration.


'Toyah at Home' - broadcast on Saturday mornings at 11am. (The other week she said “I'm not gay - I'm married”. Priceless.) And Sunday Lunchtimes, at lunchtime on Sunday.

Here's her performance of Nips Out . . . sorry, Schools' Out.

Toyah briefly resumed touring early in 2020, before everything closed down.

Many dates, especially the Electric Ladies dates (which co-star Hazel O'Connor), are now re-scheduled from mid April this year. Here's a snippet of her Rubber Revalations.

Maybe you saw her in Quatermass on Talking Pictures TV?